Friday, May 16, 2014

Life can suck it!

Ok, so I took a little unintented blog hiatus there for a couple of months.  Nothing I planned, but it was needed.  Life was being a big, giant a-hole, and I needed to put my focus on other things.  Thankfully, in the "this, too, shall pass" philosophy that shouts in my brain during times like that, life has indeed found someone else to be a big, giant a-hole with.  So I'm back to blogging & sharing with you whatever quirky, interesting, fun stuff comes up in this quirky, (sometimes) interesting, (usually) fun life I manage.  :)

The blog was never far from my mind, though.  Turns out that was a good thing!

I did some soul searching over the past couple of months to see if my not blogging was a sign that I'm just not into this blog thing anymore.  While I was "hiatus-ing," I thought about so many topics I wanted to write about & wondered why I wasn't blogging.  Life was being a jerkface, as I mentioned, but there were also a couple of other things in play:  1) those couple months were incredibly busy in our household(!), and 2) I hit a total lull with my vegan cooking.  Totes.

I've now been eating a plant-based diet for 8 months, and it seemed the excitement of the challenge of eating vegan got buried with life.  Hum drum, hum drum, same ol' stuff to eat, not really wanting to cook much, ate more processed vegan crap than I ever want to again (think boca burgers & the like), blah, blah, f''ing blah.  I must've said this to life, like, a billion times:

But then a couple of amazing things happened that has renewed my spark & creativity, and it's gotten me excited to continue sharing with you all the new things I'm cooking & the delicious stuff I'm eating.  First, I had a friend text me to say she made kale chips & followed this very first recipe I posted back in January, and she was thanking me & telling me how good they were.  SCORE!!  I love that!  That put a spring in my step for sure.  Then, Kellie's daughter emailed me saying she's interested in eating more healthful & asked if I would help her get started.  SCORE AGAIN!  I love that, too!  If there's one thing I love more than cooking (& eating) delicious vegan meals, it's watching Jeopardy!  No, not really.  (Yes, really!  I love that freakin' show!  They've got the Battle of the Decades going on right now.  Well, not right now.  At 4:00.  Ummm, information all my other total dorkrod friends will appreciate.)  Back to the topic....what I love even more is sharing what I've learned about the best ways to be healthy.  It's been fun to engage with her about that.

And then the other amazing thing that happened is that I found a very real nirvana.  Right here in Texas.  I kid you not.  I mean, this particular nirvana only lasted a weekend.  Really, only a Saturday.  But I found a paradise of sorts for someone like me.  And here's what it's called:  The Texas VegFest.  A celebration of all things vegan & vegetarian.  *cue the clouds opening & the "aaaaaaahhhhhhh" spiritual music*  My sister, who is also a new vegan (and a totally fantastic human being, bee tee dubs), made her way up from Houston so she could come to the festival with me.  And Oh. My. Godddd!  We were in heaven.  So many food tasting booths.  Coconut chips (oh so sugary & oh so not healthy), braised brussel sprouts with an amazing asian-ish dressing, tofurkey (good stuff - laugh all you want), honey made out of apples....and so many others.  Looooooots of local Austin businesses.  Austin just rocks!

My sister, the goofball

And these other non-food companies!  So many great ones I learned about, who care about their impact on the environment, care about health, & have way better thoughts than "I wonder how much more money could I make."  Spoke right to my soul.  And the t-shirts.  They were the bomb!  Such creativeness.  Best one I got:

Totally wearing that to the next lesbian thing we go to.  Righteous!

My sister & I had a great day together, & we had a full-on dose of kindred spirits all around us that day.  It filled my soul up to the brim!  Gotta do stuff like that more often.  Don't we all, though, really?  "Do what fills your soul up to the brim!"  I like that.  Good way to live life, I think.

So all of that to say I'm back!  Back doing the blogging thing.  Back to sharing what cool, new recipes I'm making & what cool, new things I'm learning about eating in a plant-based way.  Back to sharing whatever life brings my way.

Sometimes life can suck it!  Cheers to hanging in there.


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  1. Glad you're back blogging and that life is not being a jerk face to you anymore!