Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What the.....%$@&#!

Ever paid $150 for something with your debit card, only to have the company mistakenly take an extra $3,000 out of your account?  Doh!

Yeah, that's what Kellie and I have been dealing with this week.  Fun, let me tell ya.  A $150 charge was mistakenly entered as $3,150 on the pin pad thingy this company was using, and the next day, the entire $3,150 was taken out of our checking account.  Holy $^(#(!@!!!

But hold on...there's good news out of all this!

Good thing #1:  the company alerted us to what happened before we discovered it ourselves (mistake follow-up #1 done excellently)

Good thing #2:  the company has done right by us in the meantime (mistake follow-up #2 done excellently).

Am I peeved?  At times, I was, but not anymore.  Am I mad?  No, never was.  Am I glad it happened because of any lessons I'm supposed to learn from this?  Nope, not at all.  I could've done without this hassle.  Will I use that company's services again? Absolutely - they've cleaned up their mistake well.

But most importantly, here is the question that needs answering.

Will I ask Kellie to double check how much she's signing for in the future?


Just another day in paradise.  :)  Peace, y'all.

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  1. I will take your lesson and learn it myself! Look at the receipt! It has happened before in a big group out drinking at a bar and someone signs for the final bill and later when we are checking to see who owes what we find a ton of drinks on our bill that were not from our table! GRRR