Saturday, March 8, 2014

Today is a new day

On my morning run today, I hit a major personal milestone, which should NOT have happened, considering I spent the entire day yesterday eating (gorging is more like it) on sugary indulgences, mostly from 7-11.

Yesterday was technically my first day of vacation - thus the free ride I ultimately gave myself to eat whatever sugary treats I wanted yesterday.  But that wasn't *exactly* the plan when I woke up.

You see, Kellie's birthday is Monday, but since she & her kiddos are out on Spring Break then, I decided to surprise them all on their last day of school with a spread of mini cupcakes from Hey Cupcake, a local Austin bakery that I now loooooo-ooooo-oooove.  Those cupcakes were *supposed* to all be fed to the kids, but what does Kellie bring home yesterday?  12 of those sugary suckers!  DAMN!

But that wasn't the first of the sugar gluttony (let's call a spade a spade, right?).  Kellie very sweetly asked me (more like sweetly demanded, if you ask me) to pick her up some beer so she'd have her own vacation celebration when she got home.  7-11 was my stop of choice since it had a Redbox with 2 of the movies I've been wanting to see.  What started out as a beer & movie (& toilet paper) run turned into what can only be called a diabetic's nightmare.  Yes, I left that store with the beer & movies (& toilet paper), but I also left with waaaaay more candy than one should legally be allowed to buy.  PLUS a diet dr. pepper.  My god.  I NEVER drink soda.  Never, never, never.  Nasty, awful, unhealthy shit in that stuff.  But man, I wanted it, and I got it.

So imagine my surprise when I finished my run this morning and realized I had hit a personal milestone in my running.....all after an afternoon & evening of ingesting pretty much nothing but sugar.

I don't know why.  I can't explain it.  Seems counterintuitive to everything I know.  That sugar works its very evil magic in mysterious ways.

I'm not perfect in my eating.  I do my best, and most days, my best is actually really damn good.  But when I have a day of craving things that I know aren't good for me, I do very occasionally give in.  Life is about balance for me, and as long as I'm mostly doing it right, I don't feel a bit guilty about the occasional detours, even if they do require a sugar detox that will probably be uuuuugly.

Today is a new day, after all.  I wonder when the sugar crash is going to hap....


  1. way to go on your personal milestone! I think that there are two things at play here. The sugar carbs might have topped off your glycolic stores just enough to power you through that run. That's the science based answer.

    But I've seen this with Alec at swim meets. He has had some of his better times recently after he has eaten terrible food. He's been on a long plateau and I think that the "bad" food made him happier and that mindset carried over to his race. It sounds like you've had a period of a lot of joy and that has to have a positive effect on the rest of your life.