Friday, February 14, 2014

Good wine. Great brownies.

Ahhh, love is in the air today. And it feels good. :) You can't turn your head anywhere today without seeing red hearts & roses everywhere. The grocery story today made me laugh, seeing all the men frantically getting flowers, chocolate, and the ingredients for their cooked-at-home dinner for their beloveds tonight. It was all so cute.

Welllllll, the fever of Valentine's day & cooking got to me today as I saw so many delicious vegan Valentine's day recipes come across my newsfeed this morning.  The adventurous vegan cook in me was intrigued, and I decided to make my sweetie these tasty treats.  And the kicker?  They're made primarily from black beans.  You'd never know.  I swear it!!  Check it out.

Chocolate Surprise Brownies
Recipe & picture from Vegan Planet

The surprise in these brownies is the addition of black beans.  Seriously, you'd never, ever know.  I continue to be so amazed at the flavors of food & desserts without the use of dairy.  These brownies taste exactly like every other brownie I've ever had.  The ingredients came together very quickly.  I thoroughly enjoyed licking the bowls and spoons on this one.  30 minutes in the oven, and we had tasty hot brownies to enjoy.  Kellie and I both gobbled down quite a few right out of the oven.

I paired it up with wine I picked up at the store today.  I really, really enjoy irony, so when I saw the name of this wine (Irony Wines from my old winery stomping grounds, Napa Valley, CA), I knew it was for us.  Especially for Valentine's Day!

So here's to everyone enjoying their evening tonight!  Cheers!  Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.  Sending love & peace out to you all.  xo


  1. Totally opened this post to find out what the wine you picked that wrong? I will try Irony! And bonus: gonna try those brownies too! Happy Valentine's Day Laura and Kellie!

    1. Haha! Whatever brings you to my blog, I'm delighted! :) I love a good cab, and Irony didn't disappoint. Happy Valentine's Day to you & John!