Monday, February 3, 2014

Easy Lemon Lentil Soup

One of the best gifts I've gotten from becoming vegan is that I have been (re)introduced to some of the most amazing tastes out there.  Being vegan is, for me, primarily about my health, so along with eating a plant-based diet, I have also given up the vast majority of processed foods.  Once I got away from eating processed foods, it's like my taste buds came alive.  Brussell sprouts?  Omg, delish.  Roasted.  Right out of the oven.  Lightly browned.  Tastes so nutty.  Perfection in a vegetable.  I can't believe I'm actually saying all that.  I have also fallen in love again with blackberries.  My brother, sister, and I used to go pick (and eat) those off the wild vines near my grandfather's house.  I'm "re-delighting" in them now as an adult, & it's been sweet.  :)

One other thing that has gotten my attention lately in the world of plant-based eating is lentils.  Oh, how I love lentils!  Lentils are these tiny legumes (like beans) that come in a variety of colors and are tiny, little nutritional powerhouses.  They are packed (packed!) with protein & fiber, are high in iron & other minerals, are low in fat, and have zero cholesterol.  They are a veritable cornucopia of nutrition & health.  And so easy to cook.

Prior to being vegan, I'd maybe had lentils a time or two.  Nothing special.  Even in all the recipe-browsing I'd done in years past, I never found a lentil recipe that caught my attention.  Fast forward to today, and I see lots & lots of lentil recipes that catch my eye, and in particular this one, which I made a couple of weeks ago during the shut-the-city-down Snowpocalypse we had here in Austin.  :)

Easy Lemon Lentil Soup
Picture & recipe from Vegangela

This is definitely a recipe that screams "easy."  Quick 30-40 minute meal to put together (most of that time is it sitting on the stove doing its thing all by itself).  Not a lot of ingredients, which is always an added bonus.  I skipped on the kale/spinach add, although I know it would've boosted the nutritional value of the soup, but I just wasn't in the mood.  I did add in a little cilantro, though not much since I didn't want it to overpower the Indian taste I wanted from the soup.

Kellie and I both ate on the leftovers for a couple more lunches, and it was just as good reheated as fresh.  According to the source recipe, this soup freezes well.  It's just so easy to make fresh that I can't see ever needing to freeze it, but that option is always nice to have.  :)

GREAT soup recipe!  Kellie gives two thumbs up based on two things:  (1) taste and (2) ease of having for lunches/leftovers.  I give it two thumbs up because it hits on all four things I look for in a repeating recipe:  easy, healthy, DELICIOUS, and best of all, vegan.  You'll see this one again in our meal rotation.

A great recipe for a midweek easy comfort soup, especially on a cold winter evening with a fire going & being able to share it with the people you love.

Have a great day.  Peace.


  1. I just perused through your blog and just from reading I almost want to go vegan, almost. Alas, I do love my Chicken mostly but I am a sucker for a savory pot roast or pork tenderloin. There is one recipe in particular that I am going to try, though, and that is the mini nacho pizzas. I loves me some avocado and the english muffins are an interesting twist!

    Awesome blog, honey, and I am looking forward to reading more! Cheers from Highlands!!

    1. What a nice compliment. Thank you, Hank! :) xo